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Project Name: Trinity Beach Bar and Grill

Client: Dan N

What Was Installed: 2 x 15kw SolarEdge inverters, 39.9kW of PV power

Contract Value: $ 41,000.00

Location: Trinity Beach,Cairns, Queensland

Client approached All Commercial Energy Solutions to find a solution to help the reduction of the premises Energy usage for his Tenant Trinity Beach Bar & Grill.At the time of the tenant was using 450kW+ of power per day, as well as being on a high commercial energy Tariff from the utility supplier. Tenant operating hours were 7am -10pm.

Our Commercial Solar Solution:

Site energy logging was performed to work out where and when there their power was being used the most. After looking at the energy interval data collected a 39.9kW commercial solar system was proposed as well as a energy efficient lighting fit out.

Client Benefit:

After installation the client saw savings straight away. The commercial solar system installed was able to cover 80% of their daytime energy usage. Not only did the client save money on the reduction of energy used, the client was able change their commercial utility Tariff to the a lower Tariff and save 50% on their price per Kwh utility rate resulting in a much larger energy overall energy savings.

With these savings incurred the client was able to see a full return of their solar investment within 2 ½ years, with ongoing positive savings for the rest of life of the system